Wednesday, November 30, 2011


First Ask If It Is Necessary?

CMS provides "Tips for Implementing Change in Small Churches":
There has been a lot of discussion about how to pitch change to a pastor or church leadership who is unwilling. This can be especially difficult in a small church (50-300 congregants). Churches don’t take on new things because of lack of money, limited volunteers and staff, and sometimes a lack of understanding of what benefits the change could bring.
Why can't the small church be what it wants to be? Why does the consultant have to come in and "help" it? Why is the change necessary? Is the change necessary at all or is it simply that you have a product to sell?

As a consultant myself I have made a specialty of providing services to small manufacturers, facilities generally doing less than $10M/year. Oh I have had my share of deals with publicly traded Fortune 500 types, but my bread and butter is with companies too small to show on most radars. It's a specialty becasue most people do not even know how to begin to work with such a company - they are run on entirely different principles than larger concerns. Capital expenditures and change in such places is not about the bottom line or benefits or anything else. It's about what the guy wants to do - since it is after all - his company.

Some churches want to be small. Some might even want to die a slow painful attritive death. It's there church - LET THEM!

Their vision is not God's vision, but guess what - neither is yours.

Think about it.

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