Tuesday, November 29, 2011


How Do We Serve?

Godspace looks at a Barna survey:
There seems to be a disconnect for most Americans between serving the community and helping individuals find their way to God through Christ. Ministry-related goals – such as teaching the Bible, introducing people to Christ, and bringing people to salvation – are infrequently viewed as a primary way to serve the community. Even among many churchgoers, contributing positively to the community is perceived to be the result of offering the right mix of public service programs.
So, church is Jaycees...Kiwanis...Rotary? Is that a good thing?

Says Christine:
I wonder if part of the problem is what we understand by a transformed life. Christians tend to focus on an inner transformation that has little to do with how we engage in the community.
Well, in part we are going to do the same things as service organizations - the problem to my mind is that we are not allowing for real serious internal transformation.

In the end it's not about feeding the poor, it's about who we are when we feed the poor that makes us different than other organizations. But this bifurcation of thought allows us to hold that serious transformation at arms length. This allows church to remain "out there."

So, who are you when you do mission?

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