Saturday, December 10, 2011


Comic Art

One of the more delicious insider images from the Captain America movie this summer past was the first appearance of the character Arnim Zola. In that shot, the very human Zola is first seen looking through a lens in tight close-up so that those if us in in the know suspect we are going to see the startling character depicted around us here.

Such a visual presence on screen as much as Zola was in that film was probably beyond the film's budget, hence the camera draw back to reveal an all too human appearing little man - but for a second it was most delicious.

From the visual mid of master Jack Kirby, Arnim Zola is a masterpiece of comic book invention. I mean look at this guy - have you ever seen a character better designed to make a 12 year old rip a comic off the rack? I know I hopped on it in a second.

Of course, old Red Skull was Cap's primary nemesis, but I loved the appearance of Zola. You just cannot take your eyes off this startling visage. What I have always wanted was a major MODOK/Zola team-up. Two absolute freaks lining up to see who could out-freak whom.

I have to say that as comics grow increasingly "authentic" such characters are fading and I find it sad. There is something about a bad guy that you can identify on sight. It gives on a feeling that we do not have to stay in the muck and mire in which we reside - we can identify evil and combat it.

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