Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Eating Season

Godspace asks "What Makes Us Fat?":
So I wonder what is really making us fat? Is it our stress, our sedentary way of life, the chemicals in our bodies and our environment, the technology we use, our disconnect from God, hormonal imbalances, or just plain overeating and a lack of discipline? Yes all of these have been accused of contributing to our obesity. And I suspect that all of them do contribute but what is most puzzling to some is that in spite of all the bad press that obesity gets the figures continue to escalate.
Here's what I know, and having lost 200 pounds I must know something.

When I quit worrying about why's and how's and just said "I'm an obese, fat slob - I need to do something about it," I did. No excuses, no conditions in my life that had to improve, no tomorrows - just very fat todays.

I am not prepared to say obesity in and of itself is a sin. It was certainly a sin what it did to those around me, and my attitude was often sinful, but I will analogize it to sin.

It's too complex to analyze and only Holy Spirit powered discipline can fix the problem.

One ramification of that is that it is a highly individualized problem. No program, no sermon, no lesson set is going to help. Frankly, you'll never friend someone into changing it.

But the genuine love of Christ, expressed by those around them will, in God's good time, help them to know it is ok to admit their problem.

Thoughts on obesity in this that has become the eating season.

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