Monday, December 12, 2011



Church Marketing Sucks reviews and interesting book:
If you are not familiar with Timothy Willard and Jason Locy, you should be. Not only are they two of the most articulate, creative and thoughtful guys you’ll ever meet, they are unpretentious, unassuming and quite brilliant. Their new book, Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society, should be required reading for everyone who has wrestled with the tension of living the life you want and living the life you live.
Haven't read the book yet, so my comments here are not review - rather they are springboarded by the idea.

Perhaps the thing I most have a problem with in a media driven society is that we care more about appearance than reality. What is really interesting is that even "behind the scenes" and "realty TV" is heavily produced, staged, and if not scripted, at least plotted. In other words there is nothing real about it.

People have always worked to "put up a front," but it seems more pronounced to this observer in this age. Actually, that's a wrong way to state it, people no longer put up a front - they are simply becoming only front. No longer do we scratch the surface and find ugliness, now we scratch the surface and find nil - and frankly that is ugly.

Jesus Christ died on a cross and was resurrected so that we could do more than fix our appearance - He did so in order to fix what lay beneath. If we deny that we deny Christ's work.

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