Friday, December 09, 2011


Holy Trinity Batman

OK, an admittedly weak title for a very serious sermon by Mark Daniels:
“Fine,” you might be saying, “I accept the Trinity, although I don’t quite understand it. But what difference does God being one God in three Persons make in my life?”

Let me suggest three ways it may make a difference to you and me as we go through our daily lives.


The Trinity makes a difference in our daily lives, first of all, because in the Three-in-One-God, we see overflowing extravagance of God's love! God gives us His love at least three times over!


In the Trinity, God stands with us in our joys and in our sorrows, in everything that we go through. We know this because the Trinity was there together on the cross, sharing our life so that we can share life with God forever.

So the Trinity makes a difference by assuring us that we matter to God and that God stands by us always: Jesus says this is so to the close of the age. Now, here’s a third way the Trinity makes a difference in our everyday lives: He draws us into community with Him.
Mark's underlying question here s an excellent one - in what it means to be a Christian on a day-to-day basis what difference does some virtually impenetrable theological point make?

Let me give you another example - whether Arminian or Calvinist, we are called to behave in a certain way - so what difference does it make if we act the same? The answer is that there is not much difference in our behavior, but there is in our attitude.

So back to the Trinity question Mark raises. The fact that God is community is absolutely vital to what a Christian is to be. In an age when Christians are increasingly wanting to "go it alone" they must be reminded that to do so is to in some sense not reflect the image of God.

Now that I think about it, the doctrine of the Trinity may be the most important teaching of our time.

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