Thursday, December 01, 2011


Why Do We Complicate The Uncomplicated?

Chaplain Mike puts up a really long post about the Bible, science and creation:
Despite the passion many feel regarding this matter, apparently younger generations are yawning. Matt Rossano’s article, “The (Lack of) Conflict between Science and Religion in College Students” cites a Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion study that surveyed 10,000 students from 200 colleges and universities across America and yielded some surprising results.
Of course they are "yawning!" The entire beef is artificial - the only way there is a serious problem is if you are an absolute Biblical literalist and there just are not that many of those.

Problems in this area arise only when people use science or religion in a proof-text sort of fashion to argue for a specific point of view they have already adopted. There has been and always will be arguments about deism and atheism, creation and happenstance. There were such arguments before science and there will be long after we think we know everything. It's become boring because everybody has figured out what I have contended for a long time - people adopt these view points for reasons of the than...reason.

So why do we complicate all this so? Because it keeps us from the real issue - what is deep in our hearts, our very essence. It allows us to hold at arms length something that intends to cut us deeper than we ever dreamed imaginable. IF we create question we cannot resolve it keeps us from ever getting to the questions that really matter.

God, please save us from ourselves.

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