Saturday, January 07, 2012


Comic Art


SPEECHLESS! I am struck dumb. Every now and then you find something in comics that leaves you using nasty phrases. So it is with the arch nemesis of the Doom Patrol Beard Hunter. Doom Patrol has always been known for being weird and strange, but this leaves weird and strange somewhere in the trail dust.

Most amazing is that this character dates to the 90's. Back in the day, stuff like this was par for the course, but in the modern era it's virtually unheard of. Yet here it is.

Here's the back story:
Ernest Franklin is lonely man. He has no friends except for his German Shepard. There’s one thing that’s always bothered Ernest… He can’t grow a beard. Thanks to a hormone deficiency he’s gone without facial hair for all his life and it’s left him a little unhinged. He’s become a vigilante called the Beard Hunter who kills people he deems criminal (which is a very broad definition) as long as they have beards.
How does one react to something like that?

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