Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It Is Never About Self

Christian Web Trends Talks about how self-promotion hurts a church web site and misses an important spiritual principle within:
I have a friend who started a blog about his automobile restoration passion. He was blogging for months with very few readers and was frustrated. He sought out professional marketing help for his blog and they gave him life changing advice! Here it is… “Go find other popular blogs and support them. Join the community. Read and comment on every blog in your niche.”

My buddy reluctantly followed this counter intuitive advice. It took some time, but it worked. One of the leading blogs took notice of my friend’s consistent insightful comments. That leading blog wrote a short post recommending his readers checkout this new young blog. My friend went from 7 followers to 315 in a day. That’s the power of promoting community.

Avoid the temptation to promote yourself.
There is deep spirituality in that IF you think it about it, it kind of sums up Christ's ministry.

Should it not sum up ours?

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