Thursday, January 05, 2012



Dave Bish looks at Hosea and concludes:
This is an altogether different kind of headship, an altogether different kind of god. And if this is who he is then maybe, just maybe some of the most apparently difficult material in the Bible isn’t quite as strange and peculiar as we might initially assume, not half as strange and peculiar as this LORD of love.
Bish's discussion centers on the disgrace Hosea suffers for following God's command to marry a harlot, as Christ suffered disgrace on the cross. This is leadership of a unique kind.

Indeed it is, leadership as service, to God, to community, to the church. So often we seek leadership as a means to attention, or self-fulfillment, or something else about me. Godly leadership is about everything but me.

I think the church would be an entirely different thing is wee remembered this lesson.

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