Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Liturgy or Comfort Zone?

I agree with iMonk:
I’m somewhat angry about having this avalanche of industrially produced music forced on me for a dozen insufficient reasons. The way the church’s canon of singable, theologically meaningful music has been detonated in the name of anything that creates what growth oriented churches demand is stunning. We’ve been brutal in this process and we’re going to be sorry in the long run.
Three quick comments.

One, that phrase "industrially produced music" gives me great pause for it is so true. Somewhere in the last 20 years the people that figure these things out have figured out there is a "Christian market." Just like breakfast cereal that have shoved far more products into that market than there is need and generated need through slick marketing. Most of the this I could care less, that's just commerce - but it is not and never has been a substitute for things with meaning. I enjoy reading Clive Cussler, but he ain't no Herman Melville. That's kinda what seems to be happening with music in worship, we are substituting Clive Cussler for Herman Melville.

Secondly, it bothers me that we do in worship what I used to do in evangelical youth meetings. These gatherings have two distinct purposes, it's time we realized that.

Finally, consider this from elsewhere in the post:
First, off, let’s be clear. Singing is mentioned in Paul’s instructions about worship in a descriptive way and in a prescriptive way, so it’s part of worship. Second, that doesn’t mean from that point on, we can do whatever we want because it’s mentioned in the Bible.
It is only part of worship and the interchangeable use of the word "worship" for the word sing is anathema.

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