Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Making Soil

Mark Daniels looks at the parable about seeds, the sower, and soil types and concludes:
While we don't control our salvation and it's all a product of God's work in our lives, we evidently can decide whether we will be good soil or not. We can decide whether we'll be receptive to the word about Jesus. Otherwise Jesus wouldn't have bothered telling this parable!


The fruit of God's Spirit will be evidenced in the lives of those who have ears and listen. They pay heed to Jesus. They pay heed to God's Word.

Choose to be good soil!
The real beauty of the gospel is that if we do, in fact, choose to be good soil, if we listen and heed, then the Holy Spirit will honor our choice and help us be good soil. It is a choice, but the effort is not our alone.

I spend a bit of time in assisted living homes for memory impaired folks these days. I think this is where we discover how well we have done at choosing to be good soil. When we are no longer able to exercise our will, how do we behave? Are we pleasant or rude? Tolerant or ugly? There is a lot of insight into the work of the Holy Spirit in such a place.

What would you be like if you ended in such a place?

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