Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Or is that the Holy Spirit?

Jodh Etter @ Desiring God quotes JI Packer:
It is a universal experience that conscience is largely autonomous in its operation; though sometimes we can suppress or stifle it, it normally speaks independently of our will, and sometimes, indeed, contrary to our will. And when it speaks, it is in a strange way distinct from us; it stands over us, addressing us with an absoluteness of authority which we did not give it and which we cannot take from it. To personify conscience and treat it as God's watchman and spokesman in the soul is not, therefore, a mere flight of fancy, it is a necessity of human experience.
Look, I think full on Pentecostalism is problematic, even dangerous, but I equally tire of my hyper-rationalistic hyper Calvinist friends failing to give credit where credit is due.

The Holy Spirit is busy in our lives and part of submitting to the Lord is realizing His immediate, indwelling presence. To do otherwise is to make Him less than Lord. Course, Packer may be hinting that direction with his "to personify" thing, but why beat around the bush? What are we afraid of?

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