Friday, January 20, 2012



In a brief devotional, Greg Laurie points out:
"So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ."
- Romans 10:17

It is worth noting that no person in the New Testament came to faith apart from the agency of a human being. Have you ever stopped and thought about that? We can find example after example.

There was the Ethiopian (see Acts 8:26-39). There are many ways that God could have reached this man from a distant country. He could have sent an angel to meet him. Instead, the Lord sent an angel to Philip and told him to go.
I think there are two important things to remember here. The first is that the agency of a human being can be a lot of things, friendship, sympathy, help with chores - it is presence and true humanity, but after that it is not necessarily a lot of the things we think it has to be - preaching, teaching, eloquence.

The second thing is that the agency of a human being was sent, Phillip did not make the Ethiopian come to him. That pretty well sets most of what we do and call evangelism on its ear. Evangelism does not happen in the rally or service - it happens at work and in the neighborhood.

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