Thursday, January 12, 2012


Who Defines Church?

Chuch Marketing Sucks discusses social media and the use of the question to draw comment:
It’s easy to get frustrated and bored when you spend time putting together posts and they are seemingly ignored. While there are many reasons for this, the easiest way to change this is to introduce social media’s star character: The question mark.


The very first rule of social media that I put in place with the churches I work with: There should be more question marks than periods on your page.

Now of course this is a rule of thumb but people come to your page to interact, i.e the “social” in “social media.” By positioning your post with a question mark it creates that interactive environment and a door for them to walk through, a door they are more than happy to walk through.

By making sure many, even most, of your posts end with a question mark you breathe new life into your page and those managing it. Try it out for a week, start adding a question to the end of your posts. What questions get the best response and interaction for you?
That set me to thinking about how far the church has come. Once an authoritarian institution, it is no reduced to seeking approval from its congregants rather than granting them approval. I am all for democratization, but I wonder if there is not a step too far.

It must be remembered that the wisdom of God is to be counted as foolishness by the world.

Social media is valuable, but it will be a very different tool in the church than in promoting a rock band.

Thought needed here.

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