Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Authority, Conscience, Action

Christian Post:
A Presbyterian minister on Long Island is bucking church protocol by saying she will marry same-sex couples.

The Rev. Elizabeth Simpson of the First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove told WCBS radio that she will marry one of the same-sex couples that attend the church next March.

“I will make myself vulnerable to accusations or indictments, so to speak, from within the Presbytery,” she said, according to the radio station.
I don't want to debate gay marriage right now. I oppose it, for the record, but not the issue here. The issue here is defiance.

This woman is naked about what she is doing. It is ecclesiastical disobedience, pure and simple. Is the church, any church, a perfect representation of the will of God? Of course not, once again, not the point.

But think about this for just a moment. God Himself commanded many a person to do things that seemed wrong or stupid. (Saul to kill everything, e.g.) In other words, even direct commands from God can be outside of our understanding or agreement.

The point is not to understand or agree, but to obey. It is the height of ego to demand that we understand or agree with everything. It is the antithesis of Christ who said "Not My will, but Thine."

That's the problem I have here - a simple lack of humility.

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