Thursday, February 23, 2012


If There Is A Problem... it really excellence?

Church Marketing Sucks carried a couple of posts on "The Problem with Excellence." They are really the standard "don't set your sites too high," "best is the enemy of better," but that title set me to thinking.

We Christians are really good at "cute." We use an obvious oxymoron to try and make a point, AND get people to read what we write. Problem is, the oxymoron becomes a trite phrase everybody seems to know what it means, but after a few years, people just start to believe two contradictory thing. What was a cute oxymoron has now become truth and no one sees it for an oxymoron. I promise you someday, some 8-year-old being disciplined by his parents for bad grades is going to tell his parents, "but there is a problem with excellence," and likely cite the blog. Oops.

Sometimes, we might want to think beyond the next 10 minutes when we're attempting to make a point.

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