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Christian Post:
Forever 21, a clothing store for fashionable men and women on a budget, is accused of pushing a strong religious agenda, with the launch of its new graphic tees that feature strong Christian themes such as Jesus, God and prayer.

The collection of T-shirts are embellished with holy slogans that include: "Love," "Jesus ♥ You," "Holy," "Jesus ♥ Me," "God," and "Three Words to Live by: Prayer, faith, and trust" are a few of the shirts found in the new line.

Rachel Kane recently criticized the fashion store in her satirical blog, “WTFOREVER 21,” for “going Holy balls to the wall with tops that have what reads like scripture on them.”

The cropped, oversized, and sleeveless tees that retail for around $14 are targeted to the brand’s teenage customers.

Forever 21 is run by the Chang family, devout Christians, who, according to Business Week, have hopes to one day devote themselves fully to the church.
Hmmm.... "Slogan: a distinctive cry, phrase, or motto of any party, group, manufacturer, or person; catchword or catch phrase." Can and should the gospel be reduced to a catch phrase? We are not Christ's, fans we are his disciples. We are not just any group or party; we are Christ's body.

When we use the techniques of say, professional wrestling, to market our faith we imply that that faith has characteristics in common with the wrestling. It is amazing how deeply marketing departments are involved in product development. The product suits the market, the market does not come to the product.

And that;s the problem with this approach to Christianity, at some point the marketing is going to change the faith more than it simply draws people to the faith. In fact, it could readily be argued it already has.

Is truth really subject to market whim?

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