Monday, February 13, 2012


"What Do They Do With Us?"

As I read this post by Lara Blackwood Pickrel @ Thoughtful Christian:
...In the church world, young adults have a tendency to fall into the following category: troublesome.

It's not that church folk don't want young adults around. In fact, most congregations are desperately searching for ways to appeal to, reach out to and engage people in the 18-35 year age bracket. If teenage years are the cliff, then young adulthood is the great void - we are the people most likely missing from the pews and membership databases.

The troublesome things about "us" young adults...
one thought kept running through my mind. But before I get to it, I must preface my remarks by noting that I recall the same feeling when I was in that age group, just out of college, but not yet in the groove of total adulthood. They are natural feelings and concerns. But I can also tell you that it is when I quit being concerned about this stuff, that I fully grew up and the feeling just sort of vanished.

You see dear young adult friend, you are not special, there is nothing different or exceptional about you. You are now simply an adult like the rest of us. The time had come for you to join the rest of us in the daily, and seemingly unending grind of daily adult existence. Your life is no longer punctuated with summers off, nor do your classes end so you can have new and exciting ever few weeks. Now it is just drudge.

But you still have years of wisdom accumulation ahead of you, as frankly do old farts like me - difference is us old farts are ahead of the curve you're on. Which means, it is not so much our job to accommodate you - It's your job to figure out how to gt in the groove with us.

And now you know what the church does with young adults.

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