Friday, February 10, 2012


Who, and What, We Are In Christ

Mark Roberts reflects on the early verses of Romans:
The love of God also inspires us to live as “his own holy people.” In more traditional terms, we are God’s saints, those who have been set apart by him for relationship and service. As holy people, we belong to God even though we live in this world. We seek to be like him, to act as he acts, and to honor him in everything we do. Our holiness touches, not just our private life or our religious endeavors, but our whole life in the world. At work and at leisure, in our politics and our volunteering, we are to live for God and to serve him. Holiness is an essential element of our high calling as Christians.
I like thinking of "holiness." That's more than a set of rules, of behaviors - it is an essential quality of something. You cannot DO holy, you have to BE holy. That's something I want to be.

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