Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Church Politics

So, yesterday we commented on a question posed to the 9Marks site and today we look at a couple of the answers that were posted. Not gonna bother to quote them, just going to rant about the whole "unity" thing in a church.

Unity is effemoral at best, mythical probably. It is not going to happen in a real world where people can think for themselves.

TO be honest - I have quit church boards where the pastor demanded "unity." I have seen the demand used as a cudgel - a filibuster of sorts to eventually make everyone vote for the same thing. At some point the desire for "unity" become little more than the desire to prove one is the smartest in the room or wants to be a dictator.

I always come back to the fact that we should encourage leaders int he church to think for themselves - the idea is to breed leaders that breed leaders that breed leaders.

But then a lot of Christian "leaders" are not interested in that - they are interested in in being up front, having their egos stroked, and proving they are in charge - often becasue they did not like who was in charge when they were just "students."

This is not unlike when the disciples asked Jesus who would be first - the entire line of questioning is wrong.

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