Saturday, March 03, 2012


Comic Art

Who can take a cliche and turn it into art? Why comic book creators - that's who. I cannot think of a more cliched villain than today's visit to Death Ninja. Just for starters we are talking the most redundant name in history. After all, ninjas are assassins so by definition they bring death. BUt then when have things like proper use of adjectives of redundancy ever been a problem at the Department of Redundancy Division otherwise know has the bullpen at your average comic creators workshop. That's all part of the fun. But still....

Of course, appears to be dead himself, but no one can really tell if he is a dead ninja, or a dead person trained in ninja arts, or just a superhuman in a really dead looking costume. DN is a foeman of the ever darker Ghost Rider - the demon under control of a good soul, well most of the time. No appearance in the latest film incarnation of Johnny Blaze and his flaming skull alter ego, which simply illustrates that there is some redundancy that even Hollywood will not dip to.

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