Monday, March 05, 2012


From Whence Sin?

Mark Daniels:
“Insecurity results from egotism,” someone wrote on Twitter recently.

That single sentence so jarred me the moment I read it that I neither responded to nor noted the name of the writer. The words have made me think and I’ve concluded that while insecurity may have many sources, personal vanity is definitely one of them.
What a stark and very true thought. Focus on our pain is a form of selfishness.

How often do we use pain as an excuse to focus attention on ourselves? At least it is often used as am excuse to withdraw.

HOW OFTEN DO WE PRAY FOR OUR WILL WHEN WE SHOULD BE PRAYING FOR HIS? "Take this pain away...Make me happy...I wish...."

How often when we do service is it to relieve our own anxiety? We serve to have company, to have a place to share our pain. Is that really service?

Sacrifice is not the issue here - simply a lack of focus on self.

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