Saturday, April 28, 2012


Comic Art

There is little doubt, who in all of the Marvel Universe is the most evil of all villains. It is the half-brother of Thor - LOKI. As the uninitiated have learned this summer in the movie, it is Loki that brings together the Avengers. He is a malevolent force rendered all the more evil because of his deceptions and willingness to play on the love of his father, Odin. Many are the villains that would take over everything, but few there are that would so willingly lie, deceive, misdirect and plot as Loki. He is truly most vile.

Like the most malevolent DC character, The Joker, I marvel that Loki still lives. Odin should have put him down centuries ago. Oh sure, he's immortal and all, but come on, Odin is the All Father, he can handle it. That Thor has not removed limbs is equally astonishing to me.

Unlike the Joker, who is insane, Loki is simply evil. There is no madness that drives him, only desire for power. The Joker gets off on mass murder, Loki simply views everyone and everything as a means to his own ends. Their deaths do not excite him, they do not interest him. It is his uncaring nature that makes him so vile. Lies in the service ultimate selfishness, I can think of nothing more heinous.

He does; however have a really cool helmet. I do not know how he holds his head up with that thing.

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