Monday, April 23, 2012


For What Sunday School?

Kruse quotes a Baptist Press article:
When it began, Sunday school was a creative response to a particular societal need and setting, confronting the massive illiteracy present among British and American youth. Later, enhanced by denominational networks and the sociology of the Protestant Sunday it offered opportunity for extended biblical instruction and Christian community.

As the sociology of Sunday changes can Sunday school remain an effective vehicle for addressing the escalating biblical illiteracy evident among American Protestants? If not, then we’d better do something fast. Otherwise we’re nothing but a bunch of prodigals!
I think this a dodge - Sunday School is not the issue - the fact that the church generally is selling something other than the full faith is. Biblical illiteracy is a symptom, not the disease.

The church, apparently in the name of keeping the pews full, has turned from the Body of Christ to a massive self-help organization. In focusing on the portion of our faith that "sells" we are emasculating the faith.

If we treat the disease, instead of the symptoms, then we can finally get somewhere. So as always, our first response should be to get on our knees and examine our own failings.

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