Monday, April 09, 2012


Paging Gordon Gecko

Don McKim @ Thoughtful Christian talks about greed:
All of us, as Christians must constantly repent of the greed in our lives, and the root of greed in our sinfulness. In the midst of an acquisitive culture, we constantly need forgiveness.

We ought also to be passionate advocates for the use of corporate and national wealth to aid the needs of others, those who are weak and are suffering throughout the world. We are sleeping on “ivory beds,” all of us. But we need to resist our “desire for present things” (Calvin, Commentary Amos 6:4) so we do not “like horse-leeches, suck the blood of others” (Calvin, Commentary Isaiah 32:8). First and foremost, both personally and corporately—as Christians, and as a nation, should be our deepest desires to care for others in need, across the globe. As Christians, we have been blessed “to be a blessing” (Genesis 12:2). In our continual repenting of our sin, we should recognize our greed; and find meaningful actions to share and use what we have been given as God’s good gifts with all those whose needs are so great.
Well, yes, but...

As a sinful people, corporate greed is inevitable. Because we ALL sin, we are ALL greedy to one level or another, our organization will inevitably express that overwhelming factor. For evidence one need look no further than the fact that our organized charities are just as greedy as our corporations. Scandals are commonplace and competition is cutthroat. The heads of large charities are often as well compensated as the heads of major corporations.

Not to mention most individual charity in this nation is in an effort "feel good about oneself." Pretty greedy that - just on a different level.

So, until such time as Christ returns and the world is recreated, we have to find a way to make peace with institutionalized greed. To my way of thinking, the American system which stands the best shot to enrich individuals who can then be charitable may not be perfect. But more dollars are given away here than anywhere else in history, so it works better than alternatives.

Let's ne careful with out condemnations.

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