Thursday, April 26, 2012


Should Anyone?

Over @ 9Marks they ask:
Should a pastor have a day off every week?
The discussion is old hat and frankly trite, heard it all before. Not gonna belabor it. What I want to do is talk about the question.

Asking it simply sounds like whining to me. For example, pastors do not need "a day" for their families to come first, their family better come first ALL THE TIME, or they need to reexamine their calling. Excuse me, there I go getting lost in the minutiae. Back to the big issue.

People that worry about a paycheck worry about days off. People that worry about succeeding do not. That is a pretty simple statement that applies to just about any endeavor. That does not mean that successful people do not rest or have their priorities straight or anything like that - it means that they figure out a way to have their priorities straight and rest and do whatever else matters while giving their endeavor the necessary attention and effort.

You know, it strikes me that there was barely a clock throughout most of church history. Just sayin'.

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