Friday, April 27, 2012


Shouldn't That Be "Is God?"

Justin Taylor pimps yet another book, this time with the headline:
Is the Gospel Influencing Your Daily Life?
First thing that popped into my head was the question that is the headline to this post. Amid the endless posts about summarizing "the gospel in one sentence" and "preaching the gospel every Sunday" it seems like God has gotten lost somehow. It seems like God has been reduced to a character in a story He wrote.

Too often it seems like "the gospel" is a means of us to limit God to a specific narrative. But God is without limits, and he has come to our lives to invade and overwhelm every inch of them. He will not be limited to a narrative that we find comforting.

Beware of placing such limitations on God, He will do whatever it takes to break out of them, not for His sake, but for yours.

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