Saturday, May 12, 2012


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Some classic villains just have a hard time transferring to the modern era. Such is the case I think withthe classic Batman opponent The Penguin. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, aka Penguin, has been around almost as long as the Batster himself, but in an era when there are more Batman titles than some publishers have magazines, and the Joker gets his very own titles, the Penguin, despite great effort, seems to be a background player. OF course some of it stems from the fact that such is the role the current editors/writers have assigned Cobblepot. But why?

Why have the Penguin's bird crimes been deemed "too corny?" Why has he been turned into an enabler of criminals instead of a direct actor himself?

The character became who he is because of is less-than-appealing appearance, and distinct lack of physicality. IN wonder if his role in the comics is not based on the same. He does not stand a chance against Bats in a stand-up fight, but guile is a funny thing. Of course, that is the reason behind relegating him to the shadows, but would not his development also drive him to flamboyance?

I'd like to see Oswald on a real tear - killing all the super-villains to prove he is the most super! Paying hookers to hang on his arm and prove he is good looking. Kidnapping scientists to give him actual super-powers! (That would be rich, really rich)

DC Comics - Bring Penguin out of the shadows!

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