Saturday, May 26, 2012


Comic Art


One of the better aspects of this modern age of digital movie making is that in addition to the blockbuster super-hero flix, there are small little comic book movies out there. One of the better ones would be "Punisher War Journal." This is not a movie for everyone. It is dark and violent, but in a dark and violent way, it is excruciatingly funny. Much of that comic flare lies in the over-the-top protagonist of Frank Castle - Jigsaw. Look at the pictures around you and you will know the origin of the moniker. A gangster in a fight fight with Castle gets all cut up and the result is a face that looks like, get the idea.

Obsessed with "revenging" his disfigurement, this guy goes after Castle with, well, a vengeance. Please do not under any circumstances confuse the bad-guy Jigsaw with the good guy you see here on the left. We know little else about the good guy Jigsaw. Despite being created by one of the greatest comic creators of all time (Joe Simon)- a two issue run at Harvey when they were trying to capitalize on the superhero binge of the inception of the silver age is pretty much a sure sign of a stinker.

But there is nothing stinky about the bad guy, Marvel version, except maybe the odor his body count leaves behind. Which brings me back to the movie - really use caution if you intend to watch this film. It's humor lies in the absurdity of the way people are killed, and the absurd amounts of blood spilled. You will either get it, or find it horrific. Hence it is a little film.

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