Thursday, May 31, 2012


Confronting Evil

Jonathon Bowers @ Desiring God lists 7 points
  1. Evil is real.
  2. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
  3. God is good.
  4. God ordains all things that come to pass, including evil.
  5. Man is responsible for his actions.
  6. God did not spare his own Son.
  7. Heaven works backwards.

Where do we start? - EVIL IS REAL! That is a fundamental truth I am not at all sure we grasp anymore. There's "confused," there's "upset," there's myriad reasons why people do bad things, but evil?! Evil died with Hitler, or maybe Stalin.

Guess again people, evil is still here. It is here on a large scale in the African genocides and it is here on the small scale when you wish ill for someone that has vexed you. Think about it - it is the same impulse.

Which is the point. Have you ever thought about the fact that not naming and considering evil lessens grace? And if God's grace to us is lessened, how about the grace we show to others?

The consequences of understating our situation are indeed grave.

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