Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I Know A Lot Of These

"What If I Stumble" is a blog dedicated to "spiritual abuse" in the Korean church. Apparently attracted to the teachings on pastoral authority, many Korean pastors and using Korean cultural imperatives and these teachings in a most unhealthy fashion. In one post, What If I Stumble describes a "Self-Righteous Authoritarian Pastor:
*He spends a lot of time defending himself during his sermons.

*He says that people who don't obey/submit to pastors will be punished by God.

*He talks a lot and is very persuasive.

*He does not recognize the individuality or rights of others.
The first thought that ran through my mind is that's not a phenomena limited to the Korean church.

Those are also symptoms of someone that is very insecure. I am convinced that more an more people enter ministry as a part of their personal journey, rather than to serve.

All I can say is had Christ been about His personal journey, the Passion would have ended at Gethsemane.

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