Monday, June 18, 2012


True Mission

Justin Taylor quotes Tim Keller:
Is the mission of the church only to preach the Word—evangelizing an making disciples—or it is also (or mainly) to do justice? . . .

I am of the opinion that [Abraham] Kuyper is right: it is best to speak of the “mission of the church,” strictly conceived, as being the proclamation of the Word.
While I more or less agree with the idea, I find the ready movements between "proclaim the Word," and "make disciples," as if they were indistinguishable things, troubling.

Perhaps they should be, but they are not. The world is full of preachers that proclaim and proclaim and proclaim, but their proclamations are without effect becasue they do nothing more than proclaim.

OF course,t he idea in this quote is to differentiate the making of disciples from "Social justice", and that too ins an important distinction. Some disciples the church makes may have ministries of social justice, but such is not the church's ministry. It is part of making disciples, but that does not make it the church's ministry. Oneof the things that happens as the the church does make disciples is that becomes an individualized process.

And therein, I think lies the rub.

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