Thursday, May 10, 2012


Your Place In God's Heart

Justin Taylor via Arthur Ashe and David Powlison examines the question is strife of "Why me?" Says Powlison:
[God] comes for you, in the flesh, in Christ, into suffering, on your behalf. He does not offer advice and perspective from afar; he steps into your significant suffering. He will see you through, and work with you the whole way. He will carry you even in extremis. This reality changes the questions that rise up from your heart. That inward-turning “why me?” quiets down, lifts its eyes, and begins to look around.You turn outward and new, wonderful questions form.


As that deeper question sinks home, you become joyously sane. The universe is no longer supremely about you. Yet you are not irrelevant. God’s story makes you just the right size. Everything counts, but the scale changes to something that makes much more sense.
You know when I first read that, my heart said, "Great, I still get to count, just in proper perspective."

But the Holy Spirit answered my heart and said, "No, you don't 'count.' Only I count."

We are called to nothing less than to join Christ in Gethsemane and say, "Not my will, but thine." So long as we hold to a "proper perspective," we hold to an improper perspective. We have no role other than to be God's wholly and completely.

Forgetting the third Toy Story movie, where this analogy goes horribly wrong, think of Woody and Buzz, whose entire raison d'etre was Andy. Apart from Andy they were abandoned and useless.

Until we are there, until we will do the impossible to be God's - we do not have proper perspective.

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