Friday, June 08, 2012


ALL of Christianity

Ed Stetzer defines "issue Christians":
Yesterday, I had an "encounter" in the line where I shake hands after the Grace Church worship service. A well-dressed man came up to me after church, shook my hand, and immediately started a conversation about prophecy.

I listened initially, but within a couple of minutes he had quoted one passage he feels is related to the founding of Israel in 1948 and another about Israel occupying Jerusalem in 1967. "Why don't churches talk more about prophecy?" he asked.

At that point, I could have redirected our conversation and tried to persuade him that we believe in biblical prophecy and will teach on it another time (both of which are true). Or, since he approvingly referenced both Jack Van Impe and John Hagee, I could have found some ways of positively connecting with each of these men.

In most cases, I've decided that "this is not the church for you" is actually the right response for "issue Christians" who are visiting the church.
He goes on to discuss four reasons why he is OK with helping such people move on and then concludes with this:
In conclusion, we should always provide guidance, but we should not always provide a platform.
That is an important statement at a time when everyone and their uncle wants to work in the church - it goes far deeper than just people with axes to grind.

And how about how much of church is designed specifically to "sow a spotlight" on...3-5 years olds...5-7 years olds....

Church is not, should not be, a spotlight to shine on anyone or anything other than God. It should be remembered that the largest stage presence in church history got whipped and crucified. That's what a church platform gets you.

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