Saturday, June 09, 2012


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One of the things I have long contended in this space is that it is a moral failing on Batman's part that he has NOT killed the Joker. It is a convenient device for bringing the character back, but it is a moral failing Bats' part. So that raises the question, is their a bad guy so bad that the super heroes killed him? Meet Prometheus. You can see his origin in comic form here. Bats did not kill him, if Bats broke discipline it would fundamentally change the character, but the Batman "analog" (at least when he was thought up originally decades ago) Green Arrow did.

Like all good bad guys, Prometheus has been copied, duplicated, reinvented and reimagined. He even killed one of his own copycats. This guy is bad....

There is one hitch in this get-along. The reason GA did Prometheus in was not because of his general badness, the immense harm he caused society and the greater human community - it was becasue he killed other super heroes.

The fact that GA killed him remains unknown in the super hero community and I think there will eventually be major ramifications, but will they be the right ones? Destroying pure evil is not a problem, defining evil only as harm to ones self and loved ones is. I doubt that comic writers in this age get that, but it would be nice if they did.

That would be a story arc for the ages.

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