Saturday, June 23, 2012


Comic Art

His name - Carjack. His heros counterpart is barely heard of so who the heck is Carjack? This about all there is to say about Carjack:
Carjack is nothing but a thug. He loves to carry around some machine guns. He also wears a metal mask like Doctor Doom.

Carjack started off as a small time thug. He would always carry around a group of men to do his evil for him. He would steal cars and sell them and would sell illegal drugs. Also, he would sell illegal weapons. They were big and bad until they got caught. When a girl named Thunderstrike caught she sent them straight to jail. Carjack after that really wanted to make some trouble. That's until a guy named Bloodaxe found their hide out and foiled their plans. But, the gang would get out early when Thunderstrike had caught. Which stopped him from killing anyone at all. Later, they were once again caught and sent to jail. After a while they made bail. Now they were ready to create some more trouble. But, Bloodaxe was watching them and wanted to stop them. Even though Carjack was a very bad person and did nothing but wrong. Thunderstrike could not let her enemy have a win. So then they started to fight. It was huge fight and was one to remeber. Thats when Carjack slipped away. He then started to open fire on the two of them. Bloodaxe reflected them back at them. This would hurt and kill alot of them. Carjack was still alive though. That's when finally Thunderstrike defeated her enemy by making the whole house tumble on them. After that there was enough evidence to send Carjack to jail for awhile. He is now still in jail and will be for awhile to come.
I bet he stays there forever. With a story like this, this is comic creation fail = epically so.

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