Friday, June 22, 2012


Odd Way To Lead...

...Or Is It?

Mark Roberts looked at leadershipin two -- posts. He centers his discussion on Luke 22:24-27, the whole "first shall be last" thing. He concludes the second post:
How did Jesus serve? We don’t have reason to believe that he actually served the food at the table of the Last Supper. Jesus was reclining along with his disciples as they shared a Passover meal. But, in the context of this meal, he spoke of his pending death, his pouring out of his life for the sake of others. As the Suffering Servant of God, the one whose suffering and death was predicted in Isaiah 52-53, Jesus would soon demonstrate the essence of true servanthood. It involved giving up one’s own advantage, one’s own benefits, and in Jesus’ case, his own life, for the sake of others. Thus, when Jesus said, “I am among you as one who serves,” he was pointing ahead to his death, that would happen only a few hours after the Last Supper was completed.

Wherever you and I have positions of leadership—whether in the workplace or in our families, on the football field or in the choir booster club, in our churches or in our communities—we have the opportunity, in fact, the calling, to serve others in the mode of Jesus, who gave his life for us.
Two brief comments -

First, this is one very good argument against borrowing leadership consulting advice from worldly endeavors. God's paradigm for leadership is so radically different than the world's that such could be viewed as a corrupting influence.

Secondly, this says a lot about what it means to be "called to leadership." It's not about spotlights.

And then a question. Is there a limit to this idea? Can a pastor serve the church into meaninglessness? How do we strike a balance between serving and taking them to places they clearly do not want to go, but should?

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