Thursday, June 28, 2012


Seek Meek

Ron Edmondson on meekness:
I wonder if the idea behind meekness might be what John the Baptist meant when he said, “I must decrease in order for Christ to increase”. Putting Christ first, other’s second, myself third. Meekness isn’t the same as weakness. We can be strong and yet meek. We can even be powerful and remain meek. Meekness is more of an attitude and a response to others than it is a position or status in life. Imagine the Savior Jesus, Creator of the world, strong enough to calm a raging storm, yet humble enough to wash His disciple’s feet…that’s meekness.

I realize that placing other’s interests ahead of my own may not appeal to our intellect, our schooling, or a “keen business sense”. It isn’t attractive to our culture. Meekness will require us to accept instruction and counsel from Him and from others, rather than always having the answers. It will force us to submit to authority and not to explode when others dare challenge our position or role.
That's good stuff except for one thing - Meekness, proper meekness, is very attractive to our culture. People are starved for someone, anyone that genuinely loves them - and humility and meekness does that.

See, so much of what passes for love and affection these days is really just "reward for accepting me." In other words, if you like me, I'll be nice to you. It's a transaction, not an expression of character.

Genuine humility and meekness does not hold itself in such high regard that it needs affirmation before it is willing to grant it - such affirmation is an expression of the humility and meekness - that's part of what it means to put someone else's interests ahead of your own.

There are not many people like that in the world, but those that are, are very popular.

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