Saturday, July 07, 2012


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And in the category of worst villain name-puns, I nominate Bette Noir. For the uninitiated "bête noire" means "An anathema; someone or something which is particularly disliked or avoided; an object of aversion, the bane of one’s existence." Puns like that make Batman's old foe Bane look downright serious.

I am sure by now you have noted, aside from name, Bette Noir's most obvious asset. Too bad they're not real, and when I say "not real," I do not mean implants, I mean Bette Noir is more-or-less a ghost. There is just not much holding this character up. Which is also why she has not been used all that much and the biographical material here linked is so thin. It takes more than puns and assets to make a memorable villain.

There is an Anathema comic on line. Can a character of that name from one of the bigs be far behind? I like the idea frankly, only it should once again be a female - Ann Thema, yeah, that's the ticket!

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