Thursday, July 19, 2012


Mixing The Deep And The Trivial

9 Marks looks at "Five Nagging Questions" and answers them in one neat paragraph each!?The questions range from the deeply consequential:
"Can we reduce 'making disciples' and 'teaching Christ's commands' to the delivery of information?"
to the certainly academic, maybe even trivial:
Even if we recognize that the verbs related to the kingdom are passive (receiving, bearing witness to, etc.), does this necessarily preclude us from speaking of 'work for the kingdom'?"
This is clearly an effort to simplify that which cannot be simplified and to make the less important seem important so you CAN give a simple answer. In other words, if my congregants won't go deep, I make everything surface for them.

I'm sorry about the tone, but I find this flat out irritating.

Shouldn't pastors be asking HOW TO BUILD THE DESIRE FOR PEOPLE TO "GO DEEP" in stead of how to make the important sound trivial and vice versa.

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