Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Myths and Legends

Ron Edmondson recounts "7 Leadership myths"
  1. If I’m not hearing anyone complain, everyone must be happy
  2. I can lead everyone the same way
  3. Leadership and management are the same thing
  4. Being the leader makes you popular
  5. Leaders must be extroverted charismatics
  6. Leaders accomplish by controlling others

[Emphasis added]

Lots of good stuff there, but I want to focus on the one I highlighted. If not all people can be lead in the same fashion, why do we even try to do church on such a mass scale?

I think that idea is a very correct one. Christianity is meant to be passed on as an apprenticeship, not a lecture series. So one person needs a few apprentices who then has a few more apprentices, who then has a few more apprentices.

If you think about it, it sort of throws all the other leadership myths he discusses out the window becasue they do not matter anymore.

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