Monday, July 23, 2012


So Much Of Value

Godspace opines on the creeds:
All Christian organizations are encouraged to develop a statement of faith that lets others know what our core values are. As the CEO of a small organization I also know the importance of what is commonly called an elevator speech, a short succinct statement of who we are and what we believe that is intended to grab our audience and make them want to join us in the journey.

Rarely however are we encouraged to develop as similar statement for our personal faith. What do we believe and why? Some of the prayers I have written reflect my own attempts to write personal a personal statement of faith that reflects my core beliefs, but many statements of faith have been written over the years by far wiser heads than mine. The Apostles and Nicene creed, are still used as the basis for statements of faith by most Christian not for profits. I think however that they could do with a little modern interpretation so they resonate in our souls and inspire us. Reviewing them is a good starting place when reflecting on our own core values however.
Don't know where to start with this.

There is very much to be said about the value of developing a personal creedal statement of some sort. But why modify the ancient creeds. Why cannot the personal and the ancient build on each other? The ancient can remain unchanged and the modern/personal can provide the "updates."

One of the primary functions of an institution is the PRESERVATION of truth - not necessarily its discovery. A lot of truth has been known for a very long time. It does not need new interpretation it needs study and understanding.

We so often change when we need simply to understand. It is we that need to change.

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