Thursday, July 05, 2012


Stop Digging!

No, in this case I am not talking about the first rule of holes. I am talking about a post at MMI on "ruts" churches get into:

There are some great point here that need to be generalized.

I find it amazing that people put up with all the programming that goes on around us. Think about how often we are treated like cattle. Sometimes it is unavoidable - airplanes and buses for example, it is forced on us by physical circumstance. But we all line up obediently at Wal-Mart to by the same generic garbage because it is cheap. Customer service for cable, internet, telephone, etc. - don't even get me started. You need a PhD in queuing and how their system is organized just to get something fixed! And we obediently put up with this noise.

One of the great reflections of God's image in us is our creative individuality. Churches get into ruts because they are following the same strategies as Wal-Mart and AT&T. They presume that people that want the product, or have grown dependent on the product will deal with whatever to get more and to maintain it. So we build programs and expect people to line up in them.

Well, guess again, people don't think they need the church (Of course they do, but this is about what they think) and it is an entirely disposal service, difficult to build dependency. The church should simply defy organization in this fashion.

Let me put this to you differently. As we mature in Christ, we should be discovering our unique individuality. While there may be a fairly worn path in the door, once we are in, a church full of mature Christians will of necessity be chaotic, as each individual chooses their own path.

They won't walk in the ruts. Time for the church to embrace this reality. Come to think of it, maybe I am talking about the first rule of holes.

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