Friday, July 27, 2012



A Place for the God Hungry on how to build trust:

I allowed the expanded discussion on the first point because I think it is the single most important matter facing church leadership today. Character is little discussed and often overlooked. Most Christian leaders are good about the big stuff, but often overlook the little stuff when it comes to character. Sure they don't steal, but they are not afraid to shade things when it comes to business negotiations. They won't tell an outright lie, but spin....

The biggest deal is that words and deeds have to match in order to have character. For example - how many leaders talk about the congregation "owning" the church, but make a hash of parliamentary procedure when the congregation stands in their way? Or spend their time with the big donors making the church more oligarchic that democratic?

Character is not a blunt instrument - it is a fine blade. It must be sharpened routinely to be maintained. Otherwise, trust is non-existent.

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