Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Who Are We To Ask, Let Alone Answer?

Justin Taylor asks:
Can Someone Be Saved Who Distorts or Denies the Biblical Doctrine of Justification?
Somewhere a point is missed. Says Taylor:
In some ways Owen’s position is a dangerous one to hold—given the strong connection in Scripture between sound doctrine and assurance
Who judges sound doctrine? God, not man - so who are we to decide what is sound doctrine? My assurance lies not in doctrine but in God. God saves whom God saves, and if we try to figure that out we are putting ourselves in God's place - and THAT is a problem. I don't care if you are Calvinist, Armenian, or Jewish.

I am just Calvinist enough to know that God does not save everyone - His sovereignty is foremost. But I am humble enough to know I will NEVER know. For myself, I presume salvation and do my best to be worthy of it. For others I seeks imply to express the love of Christ.

Anything else lacks humility.

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