Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Best Post I've Read In A While!

Greg Forster:
I just came across this fascinating article by a Christian engineer, Jace Yarbrough, about “why we don’t have more engineers.” The shortage of good engineers has been the subject of intense effort for decades, yet the supply has stubbornly refused to increase. In addition to two factors that are already widely appreciated—engineering is intrinsically difficult so few can do it, and it is relatively impervious to artificial grade inflation; and engineering schools are often unnecessarily unwelcoming toward many students who could become engineers—Yarbrough offers a third. Few people want to be engineers, he suggests, because engineering means exploiting God’s creation for humanity’s selfish ends.


Let’s be clear: God loves engineering. When he made the human race, he declared one and only one explicit purpose for human life: to have a transformative impact on the environment. (Well, okay, and to reproduce.)


What does the “cultural mandate” amount to in this context? I think you could express it this way: “You see this beautiful little garden you’re in? Okay, now, you see all that huge desolate wasteland of wilderness out there? Go make all of that like this.”

The purpose of human life is to have an impact on the environment. God loves engineering.

When was the last time you read anything praising science and engineering from a Christian perspective?

As I have said many times, science is the study of God by studying His creation, Engineering is acting on the creative impulse in us that is God's image. Like anything else, sin can pervert these things - but these things are not, of their own accord sinful.

Now here's a thought - if the church taught this view of science and engineering do you think more young people might consider studying and careers in those fields? Further do you think those young people might be able to resolve some of the issues that science and engineering do create?

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