Monday, August 20, 2012


Give God Your Weakness

Ron Edmondson:
Have you ever felt like the disciples felt? Have you ever wondered if Jesus cared? Has the thought crossed your mind that Jesus may not even be aware of your current situation? Have you thought, “Jesus, I see my problems, don’t you?” Or maybe, if you are honest, have felt something like, “Jesus, don’t you care?”

Of course, our spiritual piety would never allow us to admit our weakness in this area fully. Could I as a pastor really admit that I doubted His love? Could you? Yet if I am honest, sometimes from my perspective, it appears that Jesus is nowhere to be found and I am left all alone to wallow in my sorrows. Just saying….

I think the best thing we can possibly do in those situations is to be like the disciples and admit our frailty to God. When we get gut honest with Him about our insufficiencies, perhaps He will be willing to do what only He can do.
I hear what is being said here, but I wonder. For one it is much easier to admit stuff to God than to myself. And for the other it is very easy to give my weakness to God and then to sit back and wallow in it.

Simple confession is never enough. It is like that quick "sorry" that you don't really mean.

Edmondson is here talking about the storms on the Galilee and Jesus calming it. The disciples went to Him in abject terror.

Yes we should give God our weakness, but not in analytical from our strength sort of way, but from the midst of actually being weak. We don't let ourselves dwell in our weakness very often. Maybe that is a place to start.

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