Thursday, August 02, 2012


Important Questions

A Place for the God Hungry asks 4 questions when you are lookng at a career change:
1. Am I gaining the kind of wisdom that will help me know how to be a parent even at the odd, unexpected moments?

2. Am I growing in the virtues of Christ, so that I am responding to my wife in a godly manner, even when I am tired and exhausted from the day?

3. Am I developing as a Christ-follower so that I am following Jesus into the will of God, no matter what stage of life I am in?

4. Am I maturing as a minister so that my words and actions are appropriate and godly?
What do you note? None of those are about career - they are all about character.

A prerequisite to doing any job well is that we be good people. That seems to get lost in the self-help sorts of churches we run into these days.

God has blessed me - richly. I say that and I can also say I have succeeded and I have failed at many things. But this I have learned. In failure, if I am God's man, I am blessed and content. In success the same is true - and being content is the key.

Focus on being God's person and let him worry about your career.

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