Monday, August 06, 2012


Misunderstanding Other Religion

Justin Taylor quotes Daniel Strange:
Non-Christian religions are sovereignly directed, variegated and dynamic human idolatrous distortions of divine revelation behind which evidence demonic deception.

Being antithetically against yet practically dependent upon the truth of the Christian worldview, non-Christian religions are ’subversively fulfilled’ in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
You know, sometimes language is everything. Read carefully, this seems to indicate that non-Christian religions point to Jesus too. But who is going to read it carefully when the first paragraph is loaded with words like "idolatrous distortions" and "demonic deception." Most people are going to stop right there and they are going to start holding exorcisms and melting down altar pieces.

Secondly, is this the language of love? Is our goal to bring such people into Christ's kingdom or to make sure they rot is hell? I don't know about conversations you have had, but as a general rule "Did you know you have been deceived by demons?" is usually a conversation stopper, not starter.

And then finally, we come to the question of what is "non-Christian." When the Apostle Paul tells us we will "know then by their fruits," what do you do with a case of good fruit, bad theology, or vice-versa for that matter? How are you going to decide who is demonically deceived and who is just misguided?


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